Top Choice New-Year Celanese Event

Top Choice New-Year Celanese Event

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Event Details:  Save $23 on a 3 Day Cleanse for 2023

- Order Now - 28 Jan 2023 

- 48 Hr Notice Required
- Pick-up Wednesdays and Fridays 4:00P-4:45P
- Must request pick-up date at checkout
- Expect a confirmation or date requested not available
email within 2-4 hours of ordering 
- Weekly slots are limited - Get booked now (with purchase)! 

Buy with Shop Pay: 4 interest free payments.

3-Day Cleanse that support digestion, focus, energy, weight management, and detoxes the body after the holiday season!  Your cleanse includes:

18 Juice Blends/3 Ginger Shots
3 Ginger Shots
3 Celery Juices
3 Mrs. Midnights
3 Beet The Odds
3 Basic Greens
3 80/20s
3 Choice Soul Juices

Get ready to focus on building immunity, getting extra energy, improving gut function, detoxifing pathways, improving mental clarity, restoring sleep cycles, reducing hunger/cravings, Killing sugar cravings, resting your digestive system, and feeling better from the inside out! Weight loss can be a benefit also!

We are what we drink!!

Buy your cleanse now and get on the January 2023 pick-up schedule!

Were, booking slots now!